If you are interested in supporting our efforts, donations for the Women's Fund are accepted through the Wayne County Foundation.

Be sure to designate "Women's Fund" in the Gift Direction section.


Corporate/Family/Individual Sponsorships: $1,000+

→  Includes 1+ tickets to Luncheon plus marketing perks
→  More information available upon request

Voices of Women: $500+

→  VIP seating at the Luncheon
→  Includes periodic consultation with Women’s Fund Advisory Board

Art Sponsor: $75+

→  Signage at the Luncheon and Reception
→  Each Art Sponsor is listed alongside an artist’s piece throughout the auction

New Philanthropist: Any amount

→  Encouraging first-time and young donors, especially girls and young women, to get involved philanthropically
→  New philanthropist gifts can be combined with others, such as a mother, aunt or grandmother
→  Any level is acceptable for this designation


Proposals should include the following:

  • Name and contact information of applicant (include name of partner organization, if applicable)
  • Clear project activities
  • A complete budget
  • An explanation as to how the impact will be measured and reported back to the Women’s Fund

Proposals should be received by August 15, 2022, to be considered.

Proposals may be mailed to:

The Women’s Fund
PO Box 52
Richmond, IN 47375

or emailed to

We have given more than $304,283.25 in grants to causes supporting women and girls!

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